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Our team is here to help with all your buying, selling and renting needs. We have over 40 years of experience and have extensive knowledge of Panchkula and the Chandigarh region.

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We are the oldest property dealers in Panchkula est. in 1975.

The remarkable story of Ishwar Property Consultants dates back to 1975, when Panchkula was undergoing a planning phase by the Haryana Government. Ishwar Property Consultants shares the growth story with Panchkula. In past 40 years we have seen Panchkula being chosen as Home by thousands and thousands of people each year. For many of them we became the medium to chose their dream home.

At Ishwar Property Consultants our business practices around ethics, fairness and transparency are practised to the present day, with a commitment to personalised service and meeting a customer’s needs across sales/purchase, renting, and consulting services for all categories of real estate.

Ishwar Property Consultants is led by Mr. Ishwar Dass, who is a well known and well respected Real estate agent in Panchkula. His vast experience coupled with ethical business practices is unmatched in the Panchkula region. This can be confirmed by the loyal customer base. Ishwar Property consultants always works in the best interest of the customer.

Mr. Arvind Kumar joined Ishwar Property Consultants in year 2000 and he has been working under the guidance of Mr. Ishwar Dass. He bridges the modern and conventional way of property management. His attention to detail and technical acumen is widely recognised. He has been carrying the same legacy set by Mr Ishwar Dass.

Ishwar Property consultants celebrated 40 years of its existence, making it the oldest real estate agency in Panchkula.

  • Contact Arvind Kumar on +91 94174 31335
  • Contact Ishwar Dass on +91 98150 42655

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